Shirley Kirkes Mar

Shirley Kirkes MarDancePaso - Shirly Kirkes Mar

Shirley’s dance and art are best described as energetic, enthusiastic, and adventuresome.  Since the age of seven, Shirley has danced her way through theater, movies and television.  Shirley studied ballet extensively at the New York City Ballet, Chicago’s Stone and Cameron, Los Angeles Panievf Ballet, and in Texas at the Grey Ballet of the Performing Arts.  She has been a principal dancer for Frank Sinatra, Carol Burnett, Dean Martin, Red Skelton and Sammy Davis Jr. Directors Rob Reiner, Clint Eastwood, John Landis and Gary Marshall have employed Shirley as their choreographer.  Many actors have performed her choreography, including Steve Martin, Michael J. Fox, Bernadette Peters, Martin Short, and Henry Winkler.  Her love of story-telling has inspired her to write and choreograph several original ballets for Westside Ballet in L A, and her own ballet company stationed in Los Angeles.  Shirley worked on The Nutcracker for Class Act, as well as her original ballets for their spring performances. Since 2009 Shirley has choreographed for Dreamweaver. As an artist her works have been purchased for private collections and published in magazines.